Power generating turbine monitoring app

Project Background

Aquilo is a portable turbine that can be placed in rivers, harness wind on land, or be manually cranked to generate power. The turbine charges an internal battery which can then be removed to power devices.

The aquilo app connects to the turbine through bluetooth.

This project was created as a submission to the Hult Prize.

  • Connected device screen highlights the aquilo device’s estimated battery charge, time charging, and remaining charging time


  • Quick access to detailed measurements such as watt hour, RPM, and current are also available
  • Graphs allow for analysis of usage over time


  • Time can be restricted to the current day, week or month
  • Devices can be given a custom name


  • Current usage method (wind, water, or manual) can be updated to help make the data produced more accurate


  • Map shows the current location of the aquilo device
  • Aquilo app uses bluetooth to connect to the turbine
  • User profile page gives access to device setup help, contact information, and general app information